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By Mukesh Variyani November 22, 2019 Business

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Firstly, why invest in a website for your small business?

Do you know that the internet was first used for military purposes? Fast forward it to today, and you see an entire business can run on the internet! The information age has seen a flood of unique innovations and massive advancements. Almost everyone now has access to the internet. People are constantly looking for information and what's more delightful than having to press just a few buttons to know anything!

If you feel that investing for your small business website is not that important, then you are not willing to gain a foothold in your domain and missing out on the immense benefits that it will reap for you. What if your competitor is doing more business as he already has a website and used it to build a strong presence on the internet! Your small business website will help you establish credibility, give you brand awareness, build your brand image and reputation, work as your internet advertising billboard, help you reach out to more potential customers, and will open up a lot of opportunities for you.

According to GoDaddy and Redshift Research Survey, 83% of the small business owners who have a website feel that they have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Almost 60% of them feel that their small business starting experiencing remarkable growth once they had a website.


Consider that you are viewing two websites. The first one has haphazardly placed content, no appealing design elements, and takes a lot of time to load. The second one loads in a couple of seconds, welcoming you with an elegant feeling of the brand, and provides you valuable information with the use of aesthetically placed content. Which one will give you a more positive vibe to take their services? That throws some light on why good design is a very important aspect of website development.


Good design is not just a style but a language.

- Massimo Vignelli

1. Have it simple yet elegant

Simple yet elegant

Something is elegant if it is two things at once: unusually simple and surprisingly powerful.”

- Matthew May

Just like you want your guests to get a warm and serene feeling when they visit your house, what about those who visit your business website! Studies have found that users take just a fraction of seconds to judge a company based on website experience. A complicated and cluttered design will easily drive them away. A simple yet elegant and powerful design is one of the best strategies for your small business website. It not only keeps visitors glued to your website but also provides them captivating viewing experience. This will help you get more conversions, which will eventually increase your sales. A lot of eCommerce store owners have reported a surge in their sales after getting their website design simplified.

2. Provide ways to reach you

provides ways to reach you

If your website visitor wants to get in touch with you, contact details should be easily visible on the website. This will make you approachable and build trust. Users take just a few seconds to skim the entire page and draw conclusions. Providing a noticeable inquiry form can work wonders. If they are not able to easily find your contact information, they are likely to leave. Have a well-designed contact us page that displays your phone number, email address, and your company address with the help of google map. If your customers want any support after using your product/services, your website should help him reach you. Also, provide links to your social media accounts because almost everyone is on it right now!

3. Don’t ignore the mobile experience

don’t ignore the mobile experience

The single most important top-level trend is the shift to mobile.

- Max Levchin

People today are accessing the internet more from their mobile phones as compared to computers. Also, your small business website has to be mobile-friendly because it is one of the most important factors that Google takes into account to rank a website. How will the mobile users find you if you are not visible in the searches! Having a mobile-friendly website gives your business a modern touch and provides an efficient way to reach you. You don’t have enough time to captivate your website visitor. By providing a top-notch mobile experience, you have more chances of conversion. Small business owners have realized the importance of having a mobile-friendly website and have started to implement the same. What if your competitor is already ahead in the game by having a beautifully designed mobile-friendly website!

4. Speed strikes the first impression

Ensures customer satisfaction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

- Will Rogers

With a rise in competitiveness among businesses, everyone wants to deliver a great user experience. People want the information to reach them at a fast pace. Imagine that you visit a website that takes hours to load. It won't take time to make you feel angry and frustrated! A slow website will affect your conversions and give a bad impression of your business. Website speed also affects your ranking in google. Hence, the fast loading of your small business website not only provides a great user experience but also soars your google rankings. You can increase your website speed by getting a simplified and optimized code written for your website. The developer can help you optimize website performance using advanced techniques.

5. Make use of clear call-to-action

Make use of clear call to action

Your website visitors will be greeted with appealing designs and valuable information. There will be graphics, videos, blogs, images, and other information. With so many things, what is missing? A clear call-to-action! Without it, the visitor is left confused and frustrated as to what step to take next. With the help of CTAs, you can direct the path you want your website visitors to take, according to your own needs. A well-defined and appropriately placed call to action appeals to the users and invites their response. You can make use of different types of CTAs like making them sign-up for a demo session or your services, getting regular updates by fetching their email id, “read more” about a product/service, discover new features, etc.

Final Words

There are several benefits of having a business website. Your small business website should be designed in a manner such that it is able to portray a clear picture of your business and your vision. At the same time, it should also fulfill your needs and provide value to the website visitor. Get your website design with the most enthralling aesthetics and the right implications.


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