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Optimum customer relationship management is the key to achieving happy customers. Every business nowadays leverages CRM Software to improve its productivity and efficiency. The technology of CRM allows the organization belonging to both large and small structures to automate and synchronize the phases of customer interaction. The dynamic business environment has openly embraced this technology. Finbyz offers CRM software solutions in Ahmedabad customized for various industries, can help you increase sales.

Customers should be a priority for every kind of business. This makes acquiring and retaining the customers a very important part of the organization. This is where the aspect of Customer Relationship Management comes to play. It is defined as the practices and guidelines adopted by firms to interact with their customers. The effective relationship maintained by the companies helps in boosting the sales in huge volumes. It simplifies the sales and marketing functions in your company. Business can specify their own rules in CRM to automate customer communications. This helps in reducing human errors as well as increases the customer satisfaction.

Inventive in CRM Software

Innovative CRM Software Solutions


At Finbyz, we specialize in software development, crafting advanced CRM systems designed to enhance customer-business interactions. Our solutions are developed with the latest technology to streamline customer relationship management, ensuring businesses can efficiently track, analyze, and respond to customer needs

Transformative Approach


Leveraging our expertise in ERP Implementation and CRM programs, we forge stronger, more meaningful connections between businesses and their clients. Our approach focuses on understanding customer behavior, preferences, and needs, enabling businesses to tailor their services and communication effectively.

Unique Selling Propositions of Our Sales CRM Software


Customizable Sales CRM

Our sales CRM, a result of our extensive experience in software development, is designed to be highly adaptable, catering to the unique needs and processes of different businesses. It offers a range of customization options to align perfectly with your specific requirements.


User-Friendly CRM System

The user interface of our CRM system, enhanced by our expertise in ERP Implementation, is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. This simplicity ensures that your team can effectively utilize the software without a steep learning curve.


Data-Driven Insights

In line with our IT Consulting services, we provide advanced analytics within our CRM, offering deep insights into customer management. This knowledge enables companies to make well-informed choices using up-to-date data


Seamless Integration

Our CRM integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems, a testament to our software development prowess, ensuring a unified and efficient workflow. This integration minimizes disruption and maximizes productivity


Dedicated Support

As a leading company in IT Consulting and CRM solutions, we offer comprehensive support to our clients. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in every step of your CRM journey, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance.


Offline Functionality

Recognizing the dynamic nature of business environments, your Sales CRM goes a step further by offering offline functionality. Even when users find themselves in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, they can continue working seamlessly.

Core Features: Beyond Sales Tracker Software


Comprehensive Lead Management

Our CRM, reflecting our expertise in software development, goes beyond basic sales tracker software, offering a comprehensive system for managing leads. From initial contact to final conversion, our tools streamline the entire lead management process.


Customer Segmentation

Benefiting from our experience in ERP Implementation, the CRM allows for detailed customer segmentation, enabling businesses to target their marketing and sales efforts more effectively and improve customer experiences..


Sales Forecasting

Utilizing advanced algorithms, a highlight of our software development capabilities, our CRM provides accurate sales forecasting, aiding in strategic business planning

Advanced CRM Capabilities: Elevating Open Source CRM


Integrated Campaign Management

The CRM includes integrated tools for managing marketing campaigns effectively, a result of our skills in ERP Implementation. This feature allows for the planning, execution, and monitoring of marketing efforts directly from the CRM.


Team Collaboration Tools

We have built-in collaborative tools that enhance team communication and efficiency, fostering a collaborative environment, improved through our IT Consulting services.


Customizable Reporting

Our CRM features customizable reporting options, a testament to our software development expertise, offering tailored insights to meet the specific needs of your business.

Why is CRM Software important for companies?

Before understanding the importance of CRM Software, lets first go through the importance of Customer Relationship Management is important. Having the right kind of relationship with your clients helps in increasing the chance of numerous purchases, makes them feel welcome and valued, and also helps in increasing the brand image by the spread of their word. CRM software can help you automate some of the best practices of building strong customer relationships. Here are some reasons that will discuss the importance of this software.

Sales Automation brings in more Sales

Sales Automation

Automation of CRM helps in managing the leads and inquiry more effectively Automated systems reduce the effors required to reach out to more potential clients and bring in more sales to company.

Personalized Touch

Personalized Touch

The software helps in maintaining records product preference for each customer. This allows customizing products or services as per customers’ requirements and improve their brand loyalty and satisfaction.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Shorter Sales Cycle

The total time taken in closing the deal with the customer is termed as the sales cycle. CRM software helps in reducing that cycle by adherence to well defined sales process and timely follow-ups.

Improved service quality

Improved Service

Centralized systematic storage of customer data and communication creates better traceability. The better co-ordinated actions taken by employees on customer queries can result in significant improvement in service quality.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Satisfied and happy customers tend to remain loyal to your brand and company. They resist shifting to any other company as they have built their trust in your business. They also communicate the same to others as well.

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

The CRM software allows you to analyzes the customer buying patterns. You can check effectiveness of various marketing campaigns or lead sources. Leading to optimized allocation of your marketing budget.


Benefits that CRM software offers

Before one decides to integrate and buy any service for their business, they surely get worried about the value that they would be adding to the business and its operations. Here are some benefits that are provided to you by CRM software to your business.

  • Enhanced client relationships

  • Less client attrition

  • Increase in revenue and profitability

  • Improved efficiency

  • Cost savings

  • Automation of routine tasks

  • Better planning of sales strategy

  • Improved reporting and analytics

The key to making customers happy and satisfied and giving them what they want when the want. CRM software does that work by revealing their buying patterns and behaviours. CRM enables a company to understand its customer and business through data captured. Some automation in marketing process can allow you to follow “Strait line process” converting your leads to buying customers more effectively.


The big benefit of CRM is the visibility of everything relating to customers going on in your company. If you want to provide a better service to your customer, you have to be able to manage everything from complaints to sales opportunities. - Roger Cole

Features of CRM Software

customer management via calls, messages, emails, meetings

Customer Management

Track history of communication with various contacts of customers including Calls, Emails, Meetings

Manage vast Contact list with CRM

Contact Management

Reminders & Appointments, Bulk SMS & Email, Auto Birthday & Anniversary wishes.

Manage Assign Multiple Tasks with CRM

Task Management

Manage Multiple Tasks, Assign Tasks, Deadlines of the tasks and their reminders, and Better Task Outcomes.

Convert different Quote to Invoices

Quotation Management

Generates price quote, Conversion of quotations to invoices, and Link quotes to organizations & contacts.

Track, manage, edit, assign inquiry and save time

Inquiry Management

Tracks stages of inquiry, Bulk Enquiry Assign, Communication history, and Feeding requirements of customers.

Analytical Reports icluding graph, bar chart, pie chart saves dollars

Analytical Reports

Generation of Lead Report, Calling Report, Appointment Report, and Enquiry Status reports.

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