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ERP Software for Agriculture industry

Looking to integrate your business with the ERP solution? Learning the ways to automate the Agro-business is too important as it is the integral sector for any country, as it is what provides the basic need for living beings i.e. food. With the help of data available in the systematic form, the business tends to take effective decisions that benefit them in the long run.ERP provides real-time data and information that connects all the processes and workforce in the organization


Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds - it's the production of food and fiber from the world's land and waters. Without agriculture, it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy. – Allan Savory

The agriculture industry is still considered as the backbone of the Indian economy. From years it has been using primitive ways and methods to run the business. But recently, the emergence of technology in each sector has led to automation in the way things are carried out. Agro commodities business provides efficiency in the business processes such as procurement, distribution, supply chain, and quality controls, which enables them to maintain quality at reasonable prices.


Every organization that implements an ERP system is, in effect, engineering.- Marianne Bradford

Implementation of ERP system for Agriculture Industry offers many features that help in the growth of your business. Ranging from a reduction in paperwork to controlling of the production levels, the features are mostly company-specific. But below are some of the common features that ERP offers in the agricultural sector.

Features that ERP Offers in the Agricultural Sector

Agricultural Data

With the introduction of technology in agriculture, there are many modern tools and equipment, new techniques, innovation, models. ERP helps in managing all these factors in an integrated way. Cloud-based ERP a common platform for all departments helps in the effort to turn a profit and development of the economy of the country.

Agricultural Sales

ERP for Agro-businesses can help in eliminating errors and confusion, increase sales performance, and provides sales channels a powerful tool for increasing profit margins. ERP also helps the manufacturers in easily integrating innovation and special features along with marketing their goods.

Features that ERP Offers in the Agricultural Sector

Managing Processes

Supports various activities such as order management, inventory management, scheduling dispatches, and purchasing. ERP helps in fulfilling sector-specific requirements and goals and aligns it with modern technologies.

Government Compliance

There are many regulations and local market norms associated purchase and sales of agro commodities. ERP helps in recording all these norms and generate required documents automatically which helps in reducing the errors and failures.


Other additional features in ERP for agriculture industry:

  • Maintain mandi tax and moisture deduction rules

  • Calculate moisture and dhalta deduction for mandi purchases

  • Manage multiple deliveries and receipts against single sales or purchase order.

  • Batch-wise stock and profitability calculation

  • Multiple Warehouse management

  • Management of the supply chain and distribution function.

  • Quality checks and controls at various stages of sales and purchases.

Benefits of ERP Software for Agro-business

Above the general benefits of ERP Software , there are various benefits, specific for Agro-Industry, some of them are as below
  • Affective allocation of Resources: ERP records all resources and then allocates efficient.

  • Increase in productivity: The efficient utilization of all the resources and technology results in an increase in production.

  • Reduction in the costs: As all the resources are optimally utilized, the margin costs are reduced, increasing the profits.

  • Managing waste and idle spaces: ERP ensures that excess food is being utilized and distributed and idle storage spaces are also put to use.

  • Easy control and handling of operations: Records of all the resources and operations provides the business to evaluate, review and control the activities.

  • Helps in future efficient planning: Manage your purchase and sales quantities with efficient planning tool based on projected inventory.

We can help you analyze carefully all the needs and requirements of your business and then suggest you the solution that can help in increasing profits, productivity and control. There are many challenges in Implementing ERP software for agriculture industry, but adopting the latest technology is the only way to grow your business. We provide full hand holding in your journey to adopt ERP software for effective management of procurement, supply chain and distribution of agro-products.


Without change, performance would never improve. -Marianne Bradford.

Other Modules of ERP


Accounting is the language of Business - Warren Buffet.


Accounts module delivers insight into the key account needs of your organization and lets you manage the organizational expenses by delivering valuable insights. It allows you to automate financial and accounting activities such as Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice and Payment Entries. You can also manage your assets with automated depreciation entries at selected period.

  • Multi company accounting with possibility to get combined accounting reports.

  • Automated payment reminders for your receivables.

  • Easy Integration with CRM Software.

  • Multi-currency accounting for export/import and hedging.

  • Manage term loans with scheduled automated ECS accounting entries.

  • Detail analytical reports on sales, purchase, gross profit.


If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitors will. - Bob Hooey


The CRM Module of ERP solutions allows you to optimally manage your relationship with the customers by providing you a broader range of functionalities that are specially designed to improve your customer service. Say no to searching multiple platforms like mails to accounting software to get 360 degree view of customer, you can get conversations, orders, invoices, deliveries and payment details all on single page.


  • Manage full conversion cycle from Lead ->Inquiry ->customer management.

  • Never forget to do follow-up calls on time through system reminders.

  • Time line feature like Facebook for each customer/lead allows you to view all mail/phone conversations on single page.

  • Make delegation and monitoring of tasks task more efficient through system generated escalation mails.

  • The CRM's Meeting Management feature helps organize and streamline meetings efficiently with objectives and outcomes.


Inventory is money sitting around in another form. - Rhonda Adams


Stock Inventory management is heart of any ERP. Here you can not only check the current stock levels with valuation, but you can also see projected quantity of stock based on purchase orders, sales orders and production orders in hand. The versatility of this ERP makes stock management module highly suitable for all forms of businesses.

  • Manage exact location storage space though Tree structure of warehouse.

  • Possibility of Serial No/Batchwise inventory management.

  • Generate product bundles selling multiple items together.

  • Create multiple price lists for each item, including multi-currency price list.

  • Allow seasonal discounts or offer special pricing to loyal customers through Pricing rules based on customer, Customer Group, Territory or Season.

  • Strong quality control based on predefined inspection criteria to be filled in quality check before receipt of delivery of item.


You sell on Emotion, But you justify a Purchase with Logic. - Joseph Sugarman


Manage the purchase through workflow of material request. You can create request for quotation and send it in mail to multiple suppliers with the click of a button. Ensuring multiple quotation are received for the requirement and choosing the best quote for purchase order, you can improve efficiency of your purchase department. In fact, this can improve your bottom line by bringing down your cost of goods.

  • Manage your sourcing activities by comparing quotes of multiple suppliers.

  • Send request for quotation to multiple suppliers on click of a button.

  • Item-wise or supplier-wise purchase price analytics.

  • Rate suppliers based on various factors from delivery time to quality of product.

  • Maintain buffer stock with automatic purchase requisition if available quantity in warehouse is below defined level.


This is where the real work gets done.


The Manufacturing part of the ERP has been designed to serve businesses in diverse industry backgrounds. The versatility of the software allows SMEs to manage their manufacturing activities with minimal data entries. The system is capable of managing cost of manufactured goods based on raw materials consumed and operational cost based on manufacturing activity time.

  • Manage workstations and standardize operations to be performed with benchmark timing.

  • Allows Multiple Bill of Materials(BOM) for single item with variation in manufacturing formula.

  • Manage not only inventory but also operational cost and workstation availability through BoM.

  • Production planning tool for scheduling manufacturing activities along with sub-assemblies.

  • Production analysis for each batch against the benchmark for getting possible areas of improvement.

Human Resource

You don't build a business. You build People and then people build the business. - Zig Ziglar

Human Resource

Human resource is most important for but ignored part of most of SMEs. The reduction in time wasted in non-core activities and goal-oriented approach increases the productivity of employees. Automation of attendance, payroll and expense claim allows better tracking and reduced redundancies.

  • Manage Employee attendance.

  • Automated Payroll Processing.

  • Leave/holiday management.

  • Expense claim management.

  • Job openings and applicants.

  • Professional Appraisal system.

  • Training and feedback.


Know what you own, and know why you own it. - Peter Lynch

Asset Management

ERPNext simplifies asset management from procurement to disposal, including IT infrastructure and equipment, all through a centralized system. With multiple capabilities integrated into a single application, managing assets has never been easier.

  • ERPNext offers a centralized system for asset management.

  • The platform facilitates managing assets from procurement to disposal.

  • IT infrastructure and equipment can be managed through the system.

  • Multiple capabilities are integrated into a single application to make asset management more efficient.

  • Asset masters can be created and managed.

  • Depreciation and maintenance can be tracked.

  • Real-time reporting and analytics are available to assist with decision-making.


A goal without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Project Management

ERPNext project management assists in the planning, organization, and administration of the various tasks and activities involved in managing a project, ensuring that they are documented and tracked.

  • ERPNext project management assists in planning, organizing, and administering various tasks and activities of a project.

  • It helps to break down a project into smaller tasks and assign responsibilities.

  • Project timelines, budgets, and progress can be tracked and monitored.

  • Communication among team members can be managed through the system.

  • Project templates can be created and reused.

  • Real-time analytics and reporting are available to monitor the project's progress.


Delivery Excellence for creating magical customer experience.


Poor customer service and support costs companies billions of dollars each year. According to Customer Engagement Index by almost half of consumers will stop buying from a company and move to a competitor within one day of having poor customer service. Best brands are known for their best in class service and support. ERP helps you create a system for tracking and resolving customer issues. You can also manage guarantee/warrantee of your products.

  • Ticketing system for issue recording, where tickets can be automatically created through customer email.

  • Possibility of assigning issues to relevant person for resolution.

  • Automated email/sms to customer on resolution of issue.

  • Manage invoicing for maintenance/repair service for items out of warrantee or AMC.

  • Take customer feedback against service to maintain quality standards.


The Foreign Trade Should be Fair Rather than Free. - Lyn Nofziger


Given the complex nature of export import business we designed special module, which will allow you to manage your requirements more effectively. As you must deal with many regulations the accuracy of the documents is most important for the organization. There are also local lows providing special benefits to exports like Duty drawback, MEIS, etc which require special accounting treatment. Import / Export finance is also has multi-currency nature and many times it come with fixed repayment date.

  • Generate all export documents like Draft BL, Shipping Invoice, Customer Invoice, Packing List, etc on single click.

  • Manage export/import finance with maturity date.

  • Letter of credit facility with drawn amount, conditions and maturity.

  • Manage forward Contract in system and check your hedging ratio.

  • Calculate RODTEP Claim, MEIS and IGST on exports and make accounting entries for these receivables.

  • Manage calculations of Export and Import against Advance Authorization license.

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