How to Create Bill Of Materials Without Operations in ERPNext

In this video, we will learn how to create Bill of Materials as known as (B-O-M) without operations in ERPNext.

B-O-M are crucial for manufacturers to optimize production, cut costs, and maintain consistent product quality. So let's dive in!

You can go to B-O-M List, and click on Add B-O-M.

Select item to Manufacture, quantity to manufacture, and company.

By default, checkbox Is Active and, Is Default will be checked whenever you create new B-O-M. System will ensure these checkboxes are unchecked for all past B-O-M of same item on submit of current B-O-M.

If you wish to allow user use alternative item of raw materials at time of Production, you can check the allow alternative item checkbox.

In Operations & Materials section, select all the raw materials and mentioned quantity required to manufacture.

System will try to bring rates, but these can be updated later even after submit.

In case there is some scrap Item also getting generated in this manufacturing you can mentioned the same in Scrap & Process Loss section.

You must mention the rate of scrap item, system will take same rate at time of manufacturing. This amount in scrap item, will be deducted from raw materials cost to derive valuation of Finish Item in Manufacturing.

If you want to mandate quality inspection after production of item, you can check Quality Inspection required in More Info section.

Save and Submit the B-O-M.

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