How to Build Custom Reports in ERPNext

In this video we will learn How to build Custom Reports in ERPNext:

- There are 4 ways of creating reports in ERPNext.

-  Report Builder reports can have data from Single doctype only and you can create or customize these reports through pick columns.

- Whenever you want to have data from multiple doctypes in the report, they are generated through SQL query or Python script, which requires programming knowledge to create.

- These Query Report and Script Report can have data from multiple doctypes.

- To customize these, you can fetch data of any doctype from which these reports have been built by clicking add column.

- Here first drop down shows all the doctypes from which this report has been built.

- You can choose any field from selected doctype to bring. You can choose to insert it after any existing column in the report.

- Here we added contact person from Sales invoice doc type.

- You can also sort data or remove columns which are not required.

- Once you have customized the report as per your requirements you can click save.

- This report will be saved as Custom Report.

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