How to Create Customer and Supplier in ERPNext

In this video, we will learn “How to Create Customer and Supplier” in ERPNext:

First, you will have to go to the Customer list and click on add customer, you will see a quick entry dialogue box where you can fill in the mandatory detail and create the customer.

You can click on Edit full form to view the complete form, In customer form you can fill in the customer name, it’s territory, customer type. Here you can also define the grouping for the customer.

In ERPNext each customer or supplier can have its own price list and billing currency.

There is more information sections like market segment, industry and website can be captured. Once all the details are captured you can click on save.

You can add customer contacts and addresses after saving the customer details by clicking add new address button by clicking the contact and address section. Customers can have multiple addresses like billing, shipping, etc. The same address or Contact can be linked with multiple customers or suppliers.

Contact can have multiple emails and contact numbers, you can set any one of them as primary. Given customers or suppliers can have multiple addresses and contacts, you can choose the primary here.

The same way you can also create a new supplier by filling in the necessary details after clicking add supplier.

There are also other advanced sections that we will cover in the next tutorial.

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