How To Use Tree View In ERPNext

In this video we will learn how to use tree view in ERPNext.

Go to list view of that doctype and click on list view button.

In dropdown you can see various view of the doctype, select tree view out of that.

In tree view you can have group and nodes. When you click on the finished items group, you can see the nodes within it.

To add new node or group, you will have to click on any group and click Add child button.

Mention the name of the new node, if you want this as a group, you can check group node checkbox and click create new.

Any Group nodes can have child nodes.

If you click on Node, you can get the option of edit, rename or delete.

You can delete any node if not required. For deleting group please ensure there are no child nodes in that group.

To edit, Click on edit button. Here you will get option to change parent item group to restructure the tree. If you want any node to become a group, you can click checkbox “is group” and save.

Now if you can see products is now a group within the finished item group.

Same way in ERPNext Customer group, supplier group, Territory, Chart of Accounts, Cost Centre, Company, warehouse, Quality Procedure, Sales Person, Location, Department and Tasks have tree view enabled. (checkbox and Images)

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