How to Use Report Builder in ERPNext

In this video we will learn Report view and Report builder functionality in ERPNext

- To go to report view of any doctype, click on list view and select report.

- To create any report, you can click on 3 dots and click on pick columns.

- Here you will get all the fields of this doc type and child table.

- You can choose any field, which you want in report by clicking the checkbox and then submit.

- You can also move the columns by drag and drop.

- On hover of any column, you will get down arrow button which allows data sorting options, and you can also choose to remove or add columns.

- You can filter the data by typing in text box below column name. Filter also allows Less than, greater than and range options.

- All the filter which works on List view of Doc type will also work on Report view as well.

- If you need totals row of number or amount columns of your report, you can click Show Totals button under 3 dots.

- Once you have created the desire report with required filters, you can save it by clicking save as button under menu tab.

- You can access all the reports related to the doctype, including the one created by you on the left side select report option.

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